2019 Speakers

This year’s Main Event lineup includes:

Allan Benton The Beauty of Dry Cured Bacon
Founder of the award-winning Benton’s Smoky Mountain Country Hams in Madisonville, Tennessee

Mei Zheng Travels Through Dali: With a Leg of Ham
Author and founder of Wild China

Allison Arevalo The Power of Pasta and Pork
Founder of Pasta Friday and author of The Pasta Friday Cookbook

Jeff Roberts Salted and Cured
Author of Salted and Cured: Savoring the Culture, Heritage and Flavors of America’s Preserved Meats

“Pork” Rhyne Cureton Being Black in Agriculture & Environmentalism
Agricultural Educator and Swine Specialist, Charlotte, North Carolina

Gabor Banfalvi 50 Shades of (Hungarian) Bacon
Co-founder of Taste of Hungary Food Tours

Camilo Velasquez Tradition and Technology; Making Bacon in the 21st Century
Founder and co-curer at The Baconer in Oakland

Matt Romine Sustainable vs Substantive
Founder of Farm, Field and Table

Greg Gunthorp Building an integrated pasture pig business—production, processing, and marketing
Gunthorp Farms, LaGrange, Indiana