Wednesday evening — Rick Bayless Cooks the Bacon Ball
Rick Bayless
One of the country’s leading chefs, a long-time friend, founder of Frontera Grill, Topolobampo and Xoco, author of amazing books on Mexican cooking traditions, avid supporter of ZingTrain’s teachings, and a University of Michigan alum, Rick will be coming up from Chicago to cook a pork-centric supper for those who are lucky enough to get a seat! Don’t miss it!

Thursday evening – A Seoul-ful Pork Supper
Ji Hye Kim
Chef Ji Hye Kim from Zingerman’s marvelous Miss Kim has been winning raves both locally and nationally for her intelligent study and preparation of historical Korean cooking. For Camp Bacon, Ji Hye has put together an exceptional menu of pork-focused Korean dishes as specials, in addition to regular dinner menu.

This year’s Main Event lineup includes:

François Vecchio Nature and Salumi
Called the Poet of Pork, François Vecchio has over 60 years of farming, butchering, sausage, salami and prosciutto making experience. He introduced a new notion of quality for the meat products in the early 1980s and has been sharing his story for the last 15 years. This year, he will talk about his new book, Meat, Life and Consequences: My story and a vision of the new meat and charcuterie, which discusses his vision of a “New Meat,” raised from the field to the plate in harmony with the Whole of Life.

Rolando Beramendi Del Maiale non si Butta Via Niente! You Never Throw Away Anything from A Pig!
This talented food importer has been bringing essential flavors of Italy to Americans through his company, Manicaretti Italian Food Importers, since 1988 by sourcing out regional, artisanal ingredients. His recently released cookbook, Autentico: Cooking Italian, the Authentic Way, connects us with the very best of these ingredients, including pork! Guided by Rolando’s expertise, we will explore the tradition of utilizing the whole pig to create dishes that are full flavored and autentico!

Stephen Satterfield Pork in African American Cuisine and Culture
We welcome Stephen Satterfield, founder of the International Society of Africans in Wine and co-founder of Nopalize, a website designed to connect people with the origins of their food! Stephen is also the founder of Whetstone Magazine, led by a team of women and people of color, which connects readers to the diversity and ancestry of food.

Arturo Sánchez The Ibérico Ham That Embodies the Dehesa and Innovation
Located in Western Spain, Arturo Sánchez is a fourth generation family of master ham curers. They are the first we know of to offer Iberico hams that have been through two full seasons of eating acorns. The result? An exceptional, intense, wonderful ham–a true gastronomic jewel. Hear the story, taste the ham, meet the man—you’ll remember all three for a long time to come.

Sean Mullin Building with Bacon
We can’t wait to hear Sean Mullin’s discussion of Bacon, Architecture, and where they meet (or meat)! ANTHONY WILDER Architecture is a full-service, custom architecture, construction and interior design provider. The firm’s unwavering mission is to deliver the ultimate design-build experience for their clients, and every team member is committed to inspire their clients to live their dreams. For over 20 years, the team at ANTHONY WILDER have been creating award-winning projects in and around the Washington DC metropolitan and tri-state area.

Karl Worley Hogs and Hygge
Nashville’s nationally-known biscuit master will join us to share thoughts on the beauty of bacon and living a good life! This year, Karl will talk to us about Hygge, which is a Danish word used when acknowledging a feeling or moment, whether alone or with friends, at home or out, ordinary or extraordinary, as cozy, charming or special. Bacon can definitely give you that feeling!
Read Karl’s talk! ➸

Eddie Hernandez Turnip Greens and Tortillas
A native of Monterrey, Mexico, Eddie is one of the nicest and most talented chefs in the business. He’ll share the story of his restaurant, Taqueria del Sol in Atlanta and his new Turnip Greens and Tortillas cookbook. He will also be cooking lunch!! Do not miss the work of this marvelous gentle soul and terrific cook.

Chris Eley
Grub Street in New York touted Smoking Goose founder Chris Eley “The Meat Expert Rethinking One of the World’s Most Ancient Food Traditions.” This year, Chris Eley will share the story of starting Smoking Goose and how he’s turned his passion for great animal treatment and great tasting cured pork products into a thriving business in Indianapolis. It all started by partnering with small family farms, focusing on humane treatment of hogs, and practicing sustainable business.

Charles Wekselbaum Failure, Cuba, and Salami: A Journey in Meaty Entrepreneurship
Congratulations to Charles for winning a 2018 Good Food Award for his charcuterie! Charles is not only an award-winning chef and owner of Charlito’s Cocina, he has also written an approachable how-to book on the process of curing meats, Cured: Handcrafted Charcuteria and More. Charlito’s story of how his fascination with curing meats and his time in Spain led to the success of an artisanal business venture is an inspiration to all.

Margaret Carney The Pig and Dinnerware
Presented by the director and curator of the International Museum of Dinnerware Design in Ann Arbor! Dr. Margaret Carney will give is a light-hearted and brief visual history of how the subject of the pig has been utilized as a design feature in dinnerware, to the delight and joy of diners for centuries.

Herb Eckhouse Cinta Senese
Herb Eckhouse, founder of La Quercia, will talk to us about a special breed of pig from Tuscany! Herb and his wife, Kathy, started La Quercia to create premium-quality American prosciutto, then applied what they learned to other cuts of pork. Their appreciation for cured meats grew out of the three-and-a-half years they lived in Parma, Italy, prosciutto’s area of origin, where they saw how the careful treatment of fine materials resulted in an accessible, sublime, and entirely regional cuisine. They create their own prosciutto out of a desire to take the bounty in Iowa to its highest expression. This way, they can contribute to the growth of premium artisan-made American foods by offering unique dry cured meats of the finest quality.

Susan Schwallie The Animal Side of Bacon
Join Susan Schwallie of The NPD Group to learn entertaining facts and figures about how America eats. In an ever changing world of food and retail, what’s old is new again yet reinvented. From shopping to preparing to eating, the entire path to consumption is being upended. Gen Z is entering adulthood and Millennials are finally forming families. What does this mean for bacon and pork? How will the industry need to adapt to changing tastes, technology and attitudes?

Brian Merkel Bacon Raffle
After an enjoyable childhood in Chelsea, Michigan, Brian Merkel hit the road. An artist turned meat guy, the combination of falling in love, a thirst for adventure, and the opportunity to continuously learn has taken him all over the U.S. He believes animals should not only be raised properly, but aged, seasoned, and cooked properly as well. He sees the craft of butchery and charcuterie as a creative practice that’s rich in cultural history. Brian and his family are currently based in Minneapolis, MN where he works as a butcher consultant. He is currently overseeing the opening of Marrow, a neighborhood butcher and restaurant opening in Detroit in fall 2018.

Nick Rau, Mary Ouzounian, and Max Witzke from Moosejaw Bacon and the Backcountry
Michigan’s marvelous maker of outdoor wear shares the secrets of how to use bacon to make your next camping trip into something super special. Guaranteed to be a fun and flavorful conversation—our friends from Moosejaw are ready to tell us about bacon and the great outdoors! Their stories will sizzle like smoked bacon over a campfire.